TimTim Oxendahl is a Certified Rolfer™ who is excited about helping people find better alignment, pain relief, and develop a greater understanding of their bodies.

Tim’s journey toward wellness was profoundly influenced by his own experience with Rolfing® Structural Integration. Having spent many sedentary years working at a computer that resulted in chronic tension, stress, and pain, he decided something needed to change. After his first Rolfing® session, he knew that this was something he wanted to learn.

In addition to experiencing significant pain relief, he discovered firsthand how the holistic approach to bodywork found in Rolfing brought about changes in his body alignment and corrected habitual patterns of movement which were keeping him in pain. Leaving his career in high tech recruiting, he enrolled at the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since.

Having worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from triathletes to whiplash victims, Tim strives to creatively and sensitively adapt his work to best serve the needs that each person presents. He continues to be fascinated by the body’s ability to change, and views each session with his clients as an exciting opportunity to explore new options. It is also his desire that his compassion, authenticity and understanding of how to work with the body facilitate a meaningful experience for each of his clients.

When Tim is not at work, he thoroughly enjoys running, biking, playing music, and dabbling with improv comedy.

Tim is currently seeing patients on a Cash-Rate basis at All and One Acupuncture and Wellness on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.

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