Yoga, pranayama breathing exercises, and meditation all work in tandem to bring about balance and wellness in the body. Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and a deeper connection to your physical body while relieving stress and enhancing mental focus. Pranayama breathing techniques adjust glandular and circulatory functions, increase energy level, enhance mood, improve immunity and address respiratory issues. Meditation has the above benefits, plus more than can be listed here.

Boynn McIntire, owner of All and One Acupuncture in Portland, became a certified yoga teacher from Diane Wilson Yoga in 2005 and taught group yoga classes for over five years. She has also had extensive Kriya meditation and pranayama training from Diane Wilson. Currently, Boynn teaches yoga, meditation, and pranayama privately in the All and One Acupuncture Clinic. Private classes require a free phone consultation so Boynn can understand your goals and design the sessions to meet your needs.