Herbal formulas are prescription combinations of herbs tailored specifically to you to treat your symptoms. Unlike many pharmaceutical drug therapies, herbal methods will address the underlying root cause of your symptoms with few or no side effects. Oftentimes, people notice improvements in their entire constitutional health, as well as their chief health concern. Patients usually experience the greatest relief in their symptoms when herbs are used concurrently with acupuncture. Herbs are used for allergies, chronic infections, fertility, women’s health issues, insomnia, skin disorders, and a host of other ailments.

Herbs aren’t for everyone, so we will discuss if herbal therapy is appropriate for you during your acupuncture treatment. All and One Acupuncture in Portland also offers appointments just for herbal therapy for individuals who want herbs without an acupuncture treatment. All and One Acupuncture houses an extensive herbal pharmacy of over 200 superior quality herbs, as well as a line of formula prescriptions. Herbal formulas are customized to your unique needs and focused on meeting your health goals.