Instructor: Scott Hanley

Date & Time: Classes will resume in fall 2016

Class Description: Mediation is commonly used as a tool for relaxation, quieting the mind and staying in the present moment. But in its early form, meditation was used as a practice for building awareness and dissolving energetic tensions crystallized in the physic nervous system. These embedded tensions restrict the vital force and can significantly diminish opportunities to evolve.

When meditation is purposed in this way, it functions as a vehicle for growth and a means to deepen our daily interconnections and relationship with yourself.

This Meditation practice will focus the breath on each of the seven chakras (subtle psychic energy centers) in an attempt to ‘open’ and release the tension held within allowing the individual vital force to flow.

A structured breathing technique and a conscious focus on the breath will be guided through a 30 minute quiet sitting followed by a short talk related to the practice.

The 10-week class program will begin with a simple explanation of the breathing exercise and culminate with the last two weeks as an eyes open session in order to maximize the intensity and power of the experience.

Cost: Free

Please wear clothing that allows you to sit comfortably on the floor for 30-45 minutes.




Instructor Bio: Scott Hanley has been practicing and teaching this meditation exercise for over 40 years.  The only requirement for a successful experience is a sincere wish to grow and a willingness to follow the breath.