Walking for mental clarity

One of the many ways that walking promotes health is that every time you take a step, you are activating the acupuncture point just below the ball of the foot called Yongquan (Bubbling Spring).

ki1Yongquan is the starting point of the Kidney meridian. This point calms the mind, stabilizes emotions, and improves memory. It also helps address headache, dizziness, low back pain, and cough.

Yongquan may be activated while walking by allowing your heel to tap the ground gently, and then allowing your weight to transfer fully to the ball and toes of your foot. Focus on breathing into your lower abdomen. Keep your shoulders relaxed and allow your arms to swing freely. You may also perform acupressure on the point by rolling a tennis ball or tapping a loose fist on the ball of your foot.

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