15 September

Nutrition to Enhance Mental Focus

Looking to support your health and also boost your brain function? You can achieve both of these goals through nutrition. According to acupuncture medical theory, good nutrition can improve mental activity, physical and emotional strength, and immunity. Where to begin? First of all, avoid excess. According to Chinese medicine, overindulging in food or drink can impair […]

8 September

Exercises to Improve Concentration

Trouble focusing on your work or losing steam mid-way? Chinese medicine has innovative approaches to restoring concentration, based on an interpretation of Qi, the energy which powers the body and the mind. According to acupuncture medical theory, Qi stems from four main components of diet, exercise, rest and mental activity, each of which tend to vary in […]

31 August

Improve Memory and Learning with Acupuncture

Having difficulties focusing, remembering tasks or organizing your thoughts? Acupuncture can help optimize your brain power through a treatment approach that incorporates different modalities, including nutritional support. According to acupuncture medical theory, the spirit (Shen) embodies consciousness, emotions and thought. Shen influences long term memory, the ability to think clearly, contributes to wisdom and presides […]