Reducing Liver Qi Stagnation

Has your acupuncturist said that you have Liver Qi stagnation? If so, here are some self care tips for managing your Liver Qi.

Exercise Regular vigorous exercise is one of the best ways to disperse your liver Qi. It can improve the quality of your sleep, reduce stress, and balance irritated or depressed feelings.

Creative Outlets Liver Qi stagnation is reduced when you regularly engage in creative endeavors or activities that bring you joy.

Relaxation Practice A regular practice of meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), Tai Qi, or Qi Gong will help relieve Liver Qi stagnation.

Reduce Stress Triggers Stress plays a significant role in contributing to both short and long term health problems as well as Liver Qi stagnation. What causes your stress? Do you hate your job and work 60 hours a week? Do you spend an hour each day driving in traffic? Identify your stress triggers, and strategize some ways to reduce these stressors.

Routine (Not Rut) The Liver likes a regular routine, especially when it comes to mealtimes, bedtimes, and exercise. But it is important to stay flexible and a little spontaneous. Ruts can reduce creativity and enhance feelings of being stuck.

Pain Management Chronic pain, even if it is low level pain, contributes to Liver Qi stagnation. Acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage, physical therapy, exercise, and therapeutic stretches can reduce or even eliminate pain.

Diet Choices Enjoy lean meats, lightly steamed slightly bitter green vegetables (like kale, collards, chard, broccoli); go for simple meals with fewer ingredients. Limit excessively sweet or sugary foods, simple carbohydrates, alcohol, coffee, greasy or fatty foods

Monthly Acupuncture Tune-Up Liver Qi stagnation responds very well to acupuncture; get monthly acupuncture treatments, and go in more frequently during times of higher stress.

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