7 March

Get Allergy Relief by Healing Digestion

What does your gut have to do with seasonal allergies? It’s that time of year again! When the sneezing, sniffling, and burning eyes of seasonal allergies have you reaching for the allergy pills and eye drops. But did you know you can greatly relieve if not banish your allergy symptoms by fixing your gut? It […]

9 February

Podcast: Staying On Track With Healthy Eating

This month, as we find ourselves walking along the path from our New Years Day to the celebration of the Chinese New Year in just a few weeks, I thought it would be a good time to discuss what many of us have set out to practice in our annual resolutions: healthy eating. I have […]

10 December

Matching the Pace of Winter

We are now just a few weeks away from the shortest day of the year, so it is a good time to take a moment and consider the dramatic seasonal shifts we’ve seen in the Northwest recently. Just eight weeks ago the high was 85° and we were all happily enjoying the last days of […]

27 June

Battling Insomnia: Tips for Better Sleep

Ahhh, summer — your days are warm, school is out, and suddenly everyone is busy with travel, camp, outdoor activities, and social gatherings. With the change in light and possibly your family schedule, you or someone in your family may find that your sleep cycle is thrown off.  To battle insomnia or restless sleep, follow these […]

6 May

Foods for Seasonal Allergies

The following foods can be incorporated into your diet to give your body additional allergy prevention. Ginger: Ginger is a natural antihistamine and decongestant. It may provide some relief from allergy symptoms by dilating constricted bronchial tubes. Apples: Apples (with the skin on) contain the flavonoid quercetin, which can cross-react with tree pollen. Quercetin can reduce allergic […]

8 March

Eating with the Seasons: Spring Dietary Information

Springtime is a period of growth and renewal. It’s also a time for drastic weather fluctuations, from snow, heavy rain, wind, and sunshine.  During the springtime, you may experience traveling body pain that comes and goes, insomnia between 1 and 4 am, headaches, PMS, irritability, shortness of breath, or visual disturbances. Also, the variations in […]

6 March

Simple Steps for Allergy Season Relief

Spring has arrived in Portland. Our northwest springs are glorious, with a bloom season stretching from February through August. The NW region is also notorious for seasonal allergies. If your hay fever is flaring up, check out the following self care tips for reducing your allergy symptoms:  Dietary choices that can help alleviate allergy symptoms: […]

5 February

Acupuncture for mental health

Winter can be a time filled with sadness, self-reflection, loneliness and anxiety. And everyone deals with major upheavals or emotional distress at some point during the course of life, which may cause depression, panic attacks, or disruptions in sleep and eating. Acupuncture can help alleviate symptoms associated with depression and anxiety by treating the root […]

20 November

Acupuncture for Cold and Flu Season

This year it is predicted that there will be 1 billion colds and 95 million cases of the flu in the United States alone. While the misery of cold and flu season might be inevitable, one thing is changing: where we look for relief. The easiest way to protect against the flu is to have […]

20 July

Beat the Summer Heat with what you Eat!

Although this morning is no solid indicator, summer in the Northwest is upon us. With recent heat waves sweeping the area, sending temperatures soaring to the 90’s, many of us are looking for ways to cool off. While some play in kiddie-pools, hide in basements, or post up in front of fans and window AC […]