Video: Gentle Stretches for Neck and Shoulder Pain


Neck pain and tension headaches are ubiquitous in our high-stress, computer-oriented culture. One of the main culprits causing these symptoms is an overly tense trapezius muscle. Trapezius originates in the base of the neck an spreads out across the top of the shoulders and down the middle of the back. When it is overly tight or has trigger points (knots) in it, it can cause symptoms such as tension headaches, pain in the neck, temples, jaw or behind the eye, as well as dizziness and limited range of motion when turning your head. If you have severe neck problems or headaches, consider scheduling an appointment with Xander at All & One Acupuncture in NE Portland. You can also practice the gentle stretch outlined in the video to get some immediate relief from more mild symptoms.

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