New Research on Acupuncture for Depression

In a new research study by MacPherson et al showed acupuncture to be effective in treating depression when compared to standard of care.

In this study three groups were examined, an acupuncture plus standard care group, a counseling plus standard of care group and a just standard of care group. Researchers found that persons in the acupuncture and the counseling group had more improvement then the standard of care alone.

This research study is important in that acupuncture is being recognized as another treatment option for people experiencing depression.

Depending on the severity of symptoms acupuncture and Chinese herbs may be used in conjunction with pharmaceuticals and counseling. At All and One we like to work with you and your health care team to provide you with the best health care possible.

Feeling the blues also commonly occurs this time of year in Portland, as the days are getting shorter and the summer sun has gone. If you are feeling down get help and get back to enjoying life to the fullest again.

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