Insomnia and “Cool” Sleep Concept

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I’ve struggled with insomnia since college and acupuncture has greatly helped regulate my sleep. And as an acupuncturist, I frequently treat sleep disorders with a high success rate. But before I discovered that acupuncture was a viable treatment for my own insomnia, I tried anything I could find to reduce my sleeplessness. And in my personal process to conquer insomnia, I’ve discovered some valuable tools to help with sleep.

I still follow research on sleep and insomnia, and I’m always interested in new treatments and discoveries. It is well documented that people sleep better in a cool or even cold bedroom. But last year some researchers took this idea one step further. Drs. Nofzinger and Buysse of the Sleep Neuroimaging Research at the University of Pittsburgh devised a specialized sleeping cap that circulates cold water around the head throughout the night. They claim the cold water helps slow down activity in the frontal cortex, thus aiding in sleep. The results from their small pilot study were encouraging. If the cooling caps do indeed work, this could be a non-invasive, natural method for combating insomnia.  I love this simple concept (and want to try it myself).

In the meantime, if you or someone you know is struggling with insomnia, acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help. Contact Portland acupuncturist Boynn McIntire for a consultation or appointment. Boynn McIntire is the owner of All and One Acupuncture in Northeast Portland. She may be reached at (503) 281-6909, and appointments may also be scheduled anytime online.

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