Postpartum Care for the New Mother

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You worked so hard to have the baby. Now your bundle of joy is finally here and you realize that the real work has just begun! As a recent mother, I understand the challenges of the immediate postpartum period, and I am happy to say that acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicine can be of great assistance in restoring your health and vitality while supporting the hard work of caring for a newborn infant.

Beth_FionaAcupuncture has been shown to relieve depression (1), to reduce anxiety (2), to relieve pain after episiotomy (3), to aid in weight loss (4), and to aid in breastfeeding support (5). As your acupuncturist, I provide a gentle, supportive treatment that can help restore hormonal balance and relieve pain while bringing you into a refreshing state of relaxation. Shiatsu massage, warming herbal abdominal wraps, and nourishing herbal teas complete the path to vitality by helping the internal organs, pelvic ligaments, and abdominal muscles physically move back into place and heal from the stretching, moving, compression, and possible surgical interventions of pregnancy and childbirth. I am happy to speak with you about details of post-partum care treatment options with various combinations of massage, acupuncture, and herbal therapy.

When the body is hit with the combination of pain, fatigue, breastfeeding discomfort, and stressful changes immediately after giving birth, going out for a treatment may not seem like a viable option. However, during this most vulnerable time it is even more important to be able to ‘be mothered’ and to take one or two hours per week to be nourished in an environment outside the home. Postpartum visits are all about helping body and mind realign in a new, wonderful way. Often the best way to do this is to schedule once a week visits for the six to eight weeks after giving birth, ahead of time. Rescheduling a couple visits is no problem if necessary, and you will be happy to have these visits waiting for you on the other side of childbirth! This also makes a fantastic present as a treatment package for expecting mothers.


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