Acupuncture relieves stress

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The next time you’re stressed–fighting your way through traffic or experiencing a hard day at work–take a moment to consider how you physically feel. Stress causes your body to release chemicals that create harmful physiological changes in your tissues. But acupuncture can help reduce stress by directly inhibiting the release of some of these stress-related chemicals. One study found that acupuncture blocked long-term production of a specific stress chemical.¬† This means that not only does acupuncture reduce stress while you are getting a treatment, it can help reduce your overall stress long-term.

In our challenging world, I don’t think it is possible to work, have a family, or be a part of a community without some stress. So why not give your body a break by using acupuncture to reduce the deleterious health impact of stress? Taking care of your health is not an indulgence.

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