Knee Pain Exercises

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Ahh spring! The days are getting longer and the weather is completely unpredictable, but that doesn’t stop us Oregonians from getting outside after a long, dark winter to run and hike and walk and play. But along with all our renewed activities some of you may be experiencing some knee pain. While some cases of knee pain can be more serious and in need of medical attention, many can respond very well to treatment with acupuncture.

Indeed many minor knee problems can be treated by you in your own home. Try this simple exercise that drastically improves blood circulation through your knees every morning. Practice it everyday right when you get out of bed for 1-2 weeks and see if your knee problem improves. If it doesn’t, we’re always here to help at All and One Acupuncture in NE Portland.

Exercise: Sit comfortably in a chair with your hands resting palms down on your knees. With light pressure on your knees, start making circles with your hands so that your hands are encircling your entire knee cap. The circles should be drawn so that the hands are mirroring one another, from the outer aspect of your knee to the inner aspect. Do this until you’ve drawn 200 circles in that direction. Then reverse direction and draw another 200 circles. It can help to have pants on so that your hands don’t stick to your skin as they warm up. 400 circles sounds like a lot, but the entire exercise shouldn’t take much more than five minutes.

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