Herbal Compress Massage

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Herbal compress massage ~ the ultimate fast fix for stress.

My favorite things about the Thai steamed herbal compress massage:

  • Smells amazing: lemongrass, ginger, basil, galangal, basically tom yum in a ball!
  • Feels like your muscles are turning into butter. The combination of gentle, deep pressure, heat-assisted stretching, and tension melting effect is so strong.
  • The combination of deep relaxation and stimulation of blood flow creates an immediate pick-me-up, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • After an herbal compress massage, you GLOW!

In Southern China, Thailand, and all over Southeast Asia, families turn to home remedies for the treatment of common aches and the stress of daily life. One of the most popular home remedies is the steamed herbal compress massage. The deep heat, created by steaming the herbal compress for several minutes to perfuse the herbs with heat and moisture penetrate tissues more completely than dry heat. This creates a faster soothing effect on inflamed and tense muscles and joints. In many families, kids are still trained to treat their arthritic grandparents with this type of massage, and the compresses can be found in many natural health stores all over Thailand. This type of therapy was originally popularized to treat warriors coming home from battle, as well as farmers and Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) athletes.

The pictures from my last trip to Thailand, where I visited a Thai Traditional Medicine clinic in Ayutthaya and made compresses, observed treatment, and chatted herbs all day. These compresses were made to treat a new mother within the month after giving birth. You can see the beautiful vitality of the herbs used to create the pain-relieving effect, such as fresh turmeric and plai (Thai ginger), imparting the bright yellow glow. Our compresses come from Ytsara, a Bangkok-based and French-owned ethical company that sources only the highest quality organic herbs for their compresses.

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