All and One’s Favorite Vacation Spots in Oregon

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Boynn McIntire, LAc

My favorite spot in Oregon is the small residential community of Cape Meares to the north of the lighthouse (link: Cape Meares is a short drive west of Tillamook, below the vertiginous cliffs of the southern aspect of the cape. The community is off the beaten track—one does not casually pass through it–and has no commerce presence, so you need to bring your own supplies or go into Tillamook for sundries. Cell service is spotty at best. And while the crescent shaped narrow beach can be impassable at high tide, at lower tides I can skirt the driftwood and seaweed for hours with my dog and maybe encounter a lone surfer or a few other beachcombers in the distance.  In fact, there isn’t much to do here except walk, watch the surf, play games, cook food, sleep and spend time with loved ones; that is precisely why Cape Meares is a regular retreat for my family.



Beth Griffing, LAc

My favorite place to travel in Oregon is pretty close to home, yet still wild. I love visiting Oxbow Park at any time of year, especially the equestrian trail entrance on the ridge overlooking Sandy River. The park itself is an old growth forest and I have seen fun wildlife on evening walks and daytime riverside hangouts: osprey diving to catch salmon, an American marten running by along the riverbank, fawns foraging with their mothers, and even a snowy owl (seriously). For the herbalists out there, wild nettles also abound on the ridge in spring, and the little springs along the hiking trails host Angelica outcrops.

A nice open river for fly fishing doesn’t hurt either (I love flyfishing for trout and salmon), and plenty of picnic spots and a playground round out the prime family barbecue gathering potential as well. I love going into the wilderness for long hikes, but as a wild and scenic area which is fun to see change through the seasons, and as a close yet wild oasis, Oxbow Park is a winner.



Xander Kahn, LAc

If you were to ask me to name my favorite Oregon vacation spot, I’d say that I probably haven’t found it yet. I’ve lived in this beautiful state off and on for about ten

years now, and every time I venture out to a new part of the state I remember just how stunning and varied the Oregon landscapes are. As a former Duck, I have spent many a long weekend in the central Cascades exploring the trails and waterfalls along the McKenzie River Trail. Like many places in the Columbia River Gorge, the central Cascades feature lush, emerald, moss-covered trees and breathtakingly thunderous waterfalls. Standing in these places, especially after a long hike to get there, gives me pause. I love feeling the mist of a waterfall on my face and taking a moment to imagine just how long that water has been shaping the surrounding landscape.

If you do decide to head south this summer to explore some new places, I highly recommend a drive through Yachats, OR. Heading south on 101 on your way through town you’ll see the Green Salmon Cafe on your left. I love this place. They make the most amazing spicy mocha you’ll ever have and you’re bound to make a new friend while you wait in line. Happy summer y’all, enjoy!


A20150116-253 Lady, Cocker Spaniel & Pat Receiver

While my mom is off galavanting across the US as she does in the summers she often leaves me with friends who whisk me away to all these amazing places and parks in Oregon (unlike my mom)! My personal fave is Mary S. Young Park in West Linn, OR. The dog park there is, To. Die. For. There’s a dog pool! A spicket! A Green Field! Tennis Balls!!! Sometimes I get tired of other dogs wanting to play with me so I’ll go off on the many trails in this 128-acre park and sometimes down to the Willamette River to bark at the tide. Tennis Balls!


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