27 December

Acupuncture for andropause

In an effort to better describe the diagnosis and treatment of male-specific health issues that arise during mid-life, a new term has been coined in the medical community–andropause. Though it is often referred to as “male menopause,” andropause is more than the male equivalent of menopause, as it presents its own unique set of symptoms, […]

18 December

Eating well during menopause and andropause

Good nutrition remains a cornerstone of good health, no matter what stage of life we are in. During major life transitions such as menopause and andropause, your dietary needs tend to change. Eating well is an art that should bring you as much pleasure as nourishment. Yet somehow this art can become complicated rather quickly. […]

20 October

Acupuncture for prostate health and andropause

Chinese medicine can help treat various male disorders. As men age, a decrease in the function of male reproductive organs occurs and they experience andropause, or male menopause. Andropause differs from menopause in that it is not characterized by a dramatic or marked physiological change. Unlike the more dramatic reproductive hormone plunge that occurs in […]

12 August

Acupuncture for Increased Sports Performance and Injury Rehabilitation

When a top athlete like Kobe Bryant tweets a picture of acupuncture needles in his leg, you know it’s time to consider how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help improve your sports performance. All athletes and coaches are involved in an ongoing search for ways to improve performance and gain a competitive edge over their […]

22 May

Acupuncture for Fertility Treatments

Oriental medicine has a long history when it comes to enhancing reproductive health and fertility for both men and women. In fact, evidence that acupuncture and herbal medicine have been used to aid fertility can be found in early medical literature dating back to 3 AD. Statistics state that one in five couples over the […]

20 January

Acupuncture for Men

Men have a shorter life expectancy than women. Men are statistically less likely than women to seek medical attention for serious health conditions, and often don’t see the repercussions until it’s too late. For these reasons, men need to pay attention to their bodies before any pain or disease is debilitating. Acupuncture can help maintain […]