Maximizing Your Workout Routine

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Do you work hard to take care of your body only to find that you don’t quite have the energy you’d like? Despite all your efforts to stay in great physical condition, do you find that you suffer from any of the following?

  • Sore low back, knees or joints
  • Erectile dysfunction or low libido
  • Prostate or urinary issues
  • Premature graying or balding
  • High stress levels
  • Low energy
  • Variable appetite
  • Digestive issues

These are all very common symptoms facing people whose training routines are out of balance. Maximizing your physical health is not as simple as increasing the intensity of your training. The key is balance. Our bodies need rest in order to take full advantage of our training routines. Physical training without sufficient rest is a recipe for burnout. It will burnout our adrenals, wreak havoc on our hormonal system and mess with our digestion.

Plenty of good quality sleep is one of the most important things needed for proper utilization of our workouts. Pay attention for the next week or so to the quality and quantity of your sleep. How many hours are you getting? Are you sleeping deeply? Consider adding a 20-25 minute midday nap into your routine (at least on your training days) and see how things feel differently. Do you have more energy? Can you recover more quickly after training? Do you feel generally more robust the day after you train?

And remember, if you are suffering from any of the problems listed above and you keep a pretty rigid training routine, consider regular acupuncture treatments to improve your body’s capacity to rest more deeply, increase microcirculation in your muscles & tendons, balance your nervous system and hormone levels and aid digestion. If you are interested in this approach, call me at All and One Acupuncture & Wellness for a free 15-minute consultation today!

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