All and One’s Top Skin Care Picks

We are obsessed with skin care at All and One. From providing facial rejuvenation acupuncture by the oh-so-talented Boynn McIntire, LAc, and Xander Kahn, LAc specializing in Acupuncture in Dermatological cases to giving you our personal recommendations for fellow skin care and health practitioners and tips and tools! We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite tools and products we use at the clinic and in our home.

Boynn’s Picks  

A20150116-211The Jade RollerJadeRoller

These jade rollers are easy to incorporate as part of your daily skin care regime. The jade will soothe, firm and protect your skin, and the roller will help circulate lymphatic fluids and drain puffiness. Jade Roller’s are available for purchase at All and One.


Alpina Facial Cup Set AlpinaFacialCupSet

Specialized glass facial cups will enhance circulation to your skin, and help enhance tone and firmness.  Your skin will also have a good rosy glow after cupping. We have just started carrying this Facial Cup set at All and One when I started using them in Facial Rejuvenation appointments. These are the cups I use at home and I love all the different sizes that come in this set. We will also provide a demonstration upon request at your next appointment so you know how to use the cups properly!

Mayumi Squalene Oil MayumiSqualeneOil

This Squalene Oil is another product I use in Facial Rejuvenation appointments. It is a great base oil to apply under moisturizer and is compatible with nearly all skin types. Squalene Oil is also known to smooth and diminish fine lines and absorbs quickly into the skin so it doesn’t leave your face feeling oily. This specific Squalane is derived from Shark Liver and can be purchased here, if you prefer a plant based squalane oil you can find that here!


Gabrielle’s Picks



Thayer’s Witch Hazel with Rose & Aloe

Witch Hazel is the single most used product in my skin care regime and in my experience the one that has made the most difference in the appearance of my skin. It is useful in minimizing pores, the aloe is soothing and great for ultra-sensitive skin and I have found that Rose helps counteract redness. I use this Witch Hazel in the morning before moisturizing and in the evening after cleansing and before using an oil. I also love this Witch Hazel because it doesn’t dry my skin out and it smells glorious, kind of like having your face in a rose bush! You can find this product here.


Mountain Rose Herbs Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil is another treasure I have found as I have gotten older and started paying closer attention to my skin. Rose Hip Seed Oil is a dry and rich oil, like Squalene Oil it absorbs quickly into your skin so it does not leave your skin feeling oily but highly moisturized. Rose Hip Seed is also known for its regenerative properties that work on a molecular level with your skin and is great to reduce scaring from cuts and acne. I use this oil in the evening right before going to bed and can notice a distinct difference in my skin in the morning. You can find this product here.


Mountain Rose Herbs is also a local company based in Eugene, OR they provide great organic (and mostly local) high quality products and singular ingredients for Skin & Body Care. I highly recommend you check their website out.


The information provided here is anecdotal and based on our personal preferences. If you are having a problem with your skin we recommend contacting your dermatologist as well as seeing how Acupuncture can help your skin care needs cosmetically and medically!

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