Eczema, Psoriasis & the Gut

Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be traumatic. They affect how we feel physically, commonly causing itching or pain, they can impact how others perceive us and how we decide to dress, and they can make us feel downright ashamed of ourselves. While western biomedicine doesn’t have many treatment options for these diseases, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can offer significant relief in many cases.

As you may know, Chinese medicine views the body as a vast, interconnected web of organ networks, each affecting the others. Treatment seeks to balance these relationships so that robust health can come about. One very common organ system involved in many skin conditions is the digestive tract (or the spleen-stomach organ pair, in Chinese terms). Our gut is the organ system responsible for receiving our food and transforming it into usable nutrition. These nutrients are then transported to every nook and cranny of our bodies to suffuse our cells in a nourishing bath. This entire process is able to function optimally when we eat warm, nutritious meals at regular intervals.

When we operate day in and day out under stress, grabbing whatever we can and eating on the run, we slowly degrade the optimal functioning of this system. In patients suffering from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, treatment almost always necessitates that the digestive system be regulated in some way.
Adjusting the way we eat and what we’re eating can go a very long way to correcting imbalances in our internal landscape that are causing these sorts of skin problems. Chinese herbs and acupuncture can also be incredibly useful in treating these conditions.

If you have a skin problem that has not responded to other types of treatment, call All & One Acupuncture & Wellness in NE Portland and schedule an free 15-minute phone consultation with Xander. He has advanced training in treating dermatological conditions of all types and would be happy to talk with you about how Chinese medicine can help you.

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