Keeping a Routine in Autumn

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According to the seasonal patterns of Chinese medicine theory, autumn is the time of year that it is most important for us to keep to a routine. Many people find that getting back to a routine helps them reign in the wild and crazy times they had throughout the summer and to settle themselves into fall. If you have kids, you definitely know the importance of routine during this time of year.

autumn-oregonBut the trick is how. How best to keep to a routine when fighting the waning of the daylight hours of summertime? First, make a short list of the most important things for you to have in your routine, maybe three or four of them, not too long. Then, and here’s the trick, make a commitment to do those things for a minimum of 30 seconds each day. Seriously. Let yourself off the hook at that point. You don’t need to do it perfectly, just consistently. Want to make sure you get a walk in each morning before work? Go for a 30-second walk. Then go about your day. Do that for a few weeks and you’ll be glad you’ve been consistent and more likely to try to make time for a longer walk each morning because it felt so nice. Try it out!

And as always, if you’re looking for more personalized health advice during your transition into our beautiful Pacific Northwest autumn, please give a call to All and One Acupuncture and schedule an appointment with one of our fabulous practitioners.

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