What to expect from facial rejuvenation cosmetic acupuncture

I always say this up front: cosmetic acupuncture isn’t going to yield the same dramatic results as botox and cosmetic surgery.  However, acupuncture is a safe, holistic, healthy alternative to these invasive procedures, and it will help with your appearance.  If you are curious about facial rejuvenation acupuncture (aka cosmetic acupuncture), here is what you can expect from your facial rejuvenation treatments.

What Cosmetic Acupuncture Treats: Cosmetic acupuncture treats wrinkles, lines, puffiness, and sagging.  Wrinkles and fine lines respond the best to cosmetic acupuncture, whereas sagging skin around the throat area is the toughest area to treat. Under eye puffiness and circles responds fairly well to cosmetic acupuncture.

How it Works: Cosmetic acupuncture strengthens the muscles below the skin, increases blood flow to the tissues, and stimulates collagen production.  All of these will reduce wrinkles, decrease puffiness, and tighten sags.

Treatment Course: Because acupuncture is gentle and the effects are cumulative over time, the changes to your skin will be gradual.  Results are typically seen after about ten treatments, and it is best to do a three month weekly treatment course to achieve the best results.

What to Expect in a Treatment: There are several aspects to a typical cosmetic acupuncture treatment. First, a few needles are inserted into areas other than the head (usually the legs, hands, and feet) to help support the underlying root cause of the cosmetic treatment. Then many (between 10-30) very tiny specialized facial needles are inserted into the skin of the head and neck.  Electrical stimulation at the site of the acupuncture needle or with a pad on top of the skin is often used to tighten the facial muscles.  And finally, facial cupping may be used to increase circulation and blood flow to the skin.

Are you curious about cosmetic acupuncture? If you live in Portland, please call me to set up a free consultation: 503.281.6909.  I will give you an honest evaluation on what I believe acupuncture can (or can’t) do for you.  I will help you evaluate if cosmetic acupuncture will be an appropriate treatment for the results you want to achieve.

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