Acupuncture to Support Smoking Cessation

This week marks the start of the new year in the lunar Chinese calendar, which means we are officially in the spring season. Here in Portland it is sunny, windy, and (almost) warm, and the bulbs are starting to pop their heads up too. Spring is an excellent time to turn over a new leaf and do something healthy for yourself, like quit smoking.

As a former smoker, I personally understand how challenging it is to quit smoking. For me it took multiple attempts before I successfully quit tobacco. Both as an acupuncturist and ex-smoker, I’ve found that there are several ways that acupuncture can support you during the journey of quitting smoking.

If you are ready to quit smoking, good for you! Please don’t quit on a whim; it is important to develop a quit plan. When I work with patients who are planning on quitting, together we develop a customized plan that includes a quit date, strategies for getting through the first month, milestone rewards, and some personal reflection homework about their relationship with tobacco.

As your quit day approaches, it is normal to have increased anxiety and apprehension, and possibility irritability. Acupuncture can help stabilize these normal emotions that arise with the impending quit day. When the quit day arrives, acupuncture is used several times a week for the first through third weeks to reduce cravings, address mood issues, calm the nervous system, and support your resolve to quit. After the first few weeks after quitting, acupuncture will support your overall health and emotional well being as needed, perhaps once or twice a month in the initial stages.

If you relapse after quitting, it is important to be gentle with yourself, and then keep working on quitting. If you have started to smoke again after quitting, call your kind and understanding acupuncturist who can help you create a new plan!

If you are ready to quit smoking, call All and One Acupuncture today for a free consultation.

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