Acupressure for Anxiety

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The transition from summer to fall can be a challenging time. Vacations end, schedules shift, the days get shorter (and gloomier), and it may get harder to juggle self-care with the extra demands of a busy life.  If you are feeling stressed and strapped for time, or need a little extra support dealing with change, these simple exercises can help reset your mental and physical state.


Shoulder well (GB21)

photo 1Location: Tops of the shoulders in the highest part of the upper trapezius muscle, between neck and end of shoulder (deltoid muscle) and between front and back of body.  Find the most tender spot on the top of the shoulder, and you are there.

Function: Reduces neck and shoulder tension, helps emotionally ground scattered or racing thoughts, reduces irritability or anger, relieves harmful effects of stress.

Acupressure: Sit or stand comfortably, and curl your fingers over the tops of your shoulders, pressing gently into the sore or tight areas. Slowly lift your head up as you inhale, and exhale as you gently bring your head toward your chest. Continue with long deep breaths for 1 minute


Yin tang

ThirdEye 2 ThirdEye1Location: commonly referred to as the third eye point, this point is located between the eyebrows in a tender spot just above the bridge of the nose.

Function: Calms the mind, relieves nervousness, balances emotions

Lady 2Acupressure: bring your palms together, close your eyes, and gently press your index fingers to the area between your eyebrows while breathing deeply for 1 minute


This point works well for your furry friends as well!


Inner Pass or Inner Gate (Pc6)

photo 2photo 3Location: On the inner wrist, this point is located about three finger widths up from the wrist crease in the middle of the inner arm.

Function: Slows a racing heart, relieves anxiety and panic, balances the heart and mind, brings emotional and physical states back into alignment.

Acupressure: Press your thumb into the tender inner wrist area three finger widths above the wrist crease. Hold for 30-45 seconds while focusing your attention on slow deep breathing.  Switch sides and hold the opposite side for an additional 30-45 seconds, continuing the deep breaths.


Sea of Tranquility (CV17)

SeaOfTranq Location: Middle of the sternum four ribs down from the throat, about level between or above the nipples

Function:  Relieve tension, anxiety, depression, panic, and chest tightness.

Acupressure: place your palms together as if praying, and press your thumbs firmly into your breastbone at the level of your heart. Close your eyes and concentrate on slow even breaths, allowing your heart rate to slow.  Continue this practice for two-three minutes.


If you or someone you love suffers from anxiety, call All and One Acupuncture in Portland to learn how acupuncture can help. 

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